Friday, March 9, 2012

FTF - A Guest

Today's Fair Trade Friday is brought to you by a guest blogger, the lovely Jessica from monster cakes.  Enjoy!

Who they are: Falling Whistles.

What they do: Campaign for peace in Congo.

I first discovered these beautiful whistle necklaces from a friend. After learning what the whistles stood for, I knew I had to have one. I had to do something, even if it meant simply wearing the whistle and raising awareness about the war in Congo. It's a small start, but it's something.

Why a whistle? I think the Falling Whistles website explains it best...

"Captured by Nkunda's rebel army, some boys not big enough to hold a gun were given merely a whistle and put on the front lines of battle. Their sole duty was to make enough noise to scare the enemy and then to receive--with their bodies--the first round of bullets."

"Their weapon could be our voice. Wear your protest and join a growing conciliation for peace in Congo. Be a whistleblower for peace."

I wear my protest.

And every time I get to share their story and shed light on the situation in Congo, I feel my heart burn deeper for those kids. I feel a desire growing in me to do more. To be more. That's my I wear my whistle: to remind me to be the change I want to see in the world.

It wasn't planned, but this post actually ends up having great timing, in light of the KONY 2012 campaign that has garnered so much attention recently.  It's great to get a chance to hear about and support another organization that is working towards peace.  Thanks for reading, and if you get a chance, check out Jessica's blog

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