Friday, March 16, 2012

FTF - The Girl Effect

Alright, people, I had a whole plan of how this post was going to go today.  I was going to show you really cool sites with fair trade maternity clothes, and maybe some baby clothes thrown in for good measure.  I would go through my favorite picks from those sites, and it would be awesome.  Why maternity clothes, you ask?  Well, here's why:

Um, yeah.  That would be mine.  (*excuse me as I giggle uncontrollably...*)  Yep, this will be our baby #2, already christened with the nickname Lima Bean.

Unfortunately, fair trade maternity clothes, and baby clothes for that matter, are a lot harder to track down than I expected!  So, instead I'd like to share a video with you from a non-profit called The Girl Effect.

Now, this may be the pregnancy hormones taking over, but this made me kinda sad, and weepy, and a little angry after watching it.  I know I'm extremely blessed to have been born into a country where I got to choose my husband, had access to trained healthcare professionals all through my first pregnancy, and will have access to those same benefits with this child as well.  I got to go back to work as an option, and even got to go to college (forever ago!), with the option of dropping out (which I did).  There are so many girls worldwide that never get the chance to make any of those decisions!

Thankfully, The Girl Effect, a collaboration between people at the Nike Foundation, the NoVo Foundation, the United Nations Foundation, and the Coalition for Adolescent Girls, is working towards making a difference through spreading awareness and asking for donations from the general public.  Now, I sometimes get a little nervous sending money to an organization without really knowing where it's going to be spent.  So, I did a little digging on their website, and found out where those donations go.  There's two options for giving.  The first is to make a donation to the Girl Effect Fund, where the money is equally distributed between the projects listed on the site.  There's also the option to pick the project you'd like to fund, such as the Daraja Academy for Exceptional Kenyan Girls, or the Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project in rural Uganda.

Overall, I love what The Girl Effect is doing, and I love getting the chance to share their story even more.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Oh, and wish me luck on pulling together a 2nd birthday party for a certain daughter of mine!  Photos will probably be posted very soon.

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