Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outfit Post - Personal Stylist

Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to dress a little girl each day?  Especially when I'm working with one as cute as this:

Seriously!  How cute is this kid!  (I may have a biased opinion on this...)  The great thing is, I can put her in pretty much whatever I want, and she'll wear it, even leggings as pants.  Generally she ends up pantsless at the end of the day anyways, so it all evens out.

She's not even the least bit concerned with VDL either (visible diaper line, of course!)

Bonus points if you can name what show she's watching!
 And now, some indoor shots.  I hate doing pictures indoors, but according to the Weather Channel the temperature was 19 degrees, but it feels like 4.  I love you guys, but maybe not enough to brave the frozen elements just for pictures...

Outfit Details:
On Lexi - 
Shirt: consignment sale, GapKids, $6
Leggings: Wal-Mart, $4
Boots: consignment sale, GapKids, $10
On Myself - 
Dress: Plato's Closet resale, $6
Sweater: Aeropostale, $6 (clearance, old)
Tights: Target, $5
Boots: N Style, $15
Belt: Forever 21, $2
Earrings: Icing by Claire's, $3 (old)
Legwarmers: Acumen Brands, $1

Oh, and because I'm picture happy, I just wanted to know: why is it so hard to get a decent close-up of the belt you happen to be wearing?

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