Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outfit Post - Color Rut

So I noticed the other day that I've been wearing pretty much the same color combination in almost every outfit I put together.  This is what's known as (in the extremely technical term that I just made up) a color rut.  Those colors happen to be some combination of black, purple, cream, grey, and sometimes gold.  Case in point:

In my defense, I did try to break it up with a nice little shock of green:

Expect to see more of these colors in the future.

On a related note, I've been in a inspiration rut lately as well.  It's a nice little combination of writer's block, monotony, and maybe a little bit of laziness on my part.  Any writers/creative types out there have any advice on how to break out of said rut?  I'd appreciate the help!  Love you guys!

Outfit Details:
Dress: thrifted, Gap, $10
Sweater: Charlotte Russe, $8 (old)
Boots: N Style, $15
Belt: my mom's closet
Scarf: mall kiosk, $5
Purple Tights: Target, $5
Earrings: Premier Designs (local ladies, the Spring catalog is out, ask me if you want to see it!)
Nail Polish: Pure Ice, 616CP Wild Thing, $2

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