Monday, August 29, 2011

Silver Dollar City, ya'll!

Next Sunday will be me and the hubby's 2 year anniversary. We decided to celebrate a week early by leaving the kiddo with the grandparents and heading to the closest amusement park to have a grand old time. In 95 degree heat. It was... mostly fun. There were the lightheaded "I think I'm dying of heatstroke, find me water now!" moments, but there were a lot more moments that qualified as 'really super fun.'

Everyone was really excited.

We scoped out the landscape and decorations, before realizing we didn't actually know our way around the park...

We rode some rides and walked up and down the streets before catching a glimpse of this place:

My root beer float didn't last very long.

We then sought out more air conditioned refuges, some of which had funhouse mirrors. Those are always fun!

Then, I stood on a rock, and we went home.

On a completely unrelated note, here's some pictures of Lexi watching TV in her jammies. Do you see how grown up she's starting to look? Someone better tell time to stop.

Outfit Details:
Bandana as headband: Walmart, $1
Shirt: Old Navy, thrifted, $7
Shorts: Walmart, $3
Belt: don't remember
Shoes: Sseko Sandals, $47
Bracelet: $1 Jewelry Store

On Lexi: my old Precious Moments nightie!

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