Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outfit Post: Red Lipstick, Pearls, and Animal Print

You know those other people's kids?  The ones that always have adorable little hair bows, flowery headbands, or super-cute hats on their head?  The toddlers that don't seem to mind, or even notice the adornment their mother has placed on their little angelic noggin?  My child is not that way.  She will not have anything to do with placing adorable accessories on her head.  There are those very rare occasions that she will allow me to place a matching hat on her head, and those moments deserve photographic evidence that they existed.  Observe:

That hat was on the floor literally seconds after this picture was snapped.  So much for that.

In contrast, as an adult, I can accessorize with gusto.  If, for example, I am wearing a prim and proper sweater and dress, and decide that the outfit calls for red lipstick, on it goes.  Same goes for a necklace accented with a pearl, and even a tiny hint of leopard print (1,000,000 points if you can spot this one!).  One day, I will be able to reason with my child, and hopefully convey the fact that hats and headbands are our friends... along with many other, much more important concepts of course!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Wal-Mart, $7 (old)
Sweater: thrifted, $3
Tights: Wal-Mart, $5
Boots: thrifted, $4
Necklace: gifted
Belt: don't recall
Earrings: $1 Jewelry Galore

FYI: tomorrow, Lexi and I are headed to Branson with my parents for the weekend!  The plan is to see the light displays at Silver Dollar City, if the rain decides to cooperate and stay away.  Don't expect to hear from me until Monday!  Because of the trip, I'll have to postpone another segment of Fair Trade Friday until next week.  If there's ever a company you're passionate about that you'd like me to feature here on the blog, feel free to e-mail me or tell me about them in the comments and I'll be sure to check them out!  Ciao, bellas!

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