Friday, February 10, 2012

FTF - Tiny Hands International

As I'm sure you're aware, Valentine's Day is on it's way.  A lot of flowers and candy will be given as gifts, and you can bet I'll be heading to the grocery store on February 15th to get half-priced chocolate hearts!  Some guys tend to opt for jewelry as a V-Day gift for their significant other, kinda like my husband did!  However, instead of diamonds and gold, he bought me this bracelet:

One Girl bracelet
This is the One Girl bracelet from Tiny Hands International, an organization that is "dedicated to empowering the Body of Christ in the developing world to fight against poverty and social injustice by employing effective strategies and biblical principles."  Basically, they're in a fight against the injustices of human trafficking, as well as working for women's empowerment and orphan care.  The bracelet, handcrafted by young women in Nepal, is a physical reminder that I've committed to praying for one girl, out of the 10,000 trafficked in Nepal every year. The bracelet's braided black band represents the darkness and bondage of trafficking, while the golden color of the stone signifies God's light of hope for the girl I've "adopted."  I'm so excited to receive this bracelet, and so proud of my hubby for thinking of this gift for me!

On top of the bracelet, there's more products available on the Tiny Hands website, the sales of which go towards supporting and improving the organization's children's homes, anti-trafficking efforts, and women's empowerment ministries.  They've got some really beautiful stuff in their online shop, and what makes it so much more beautiful is knowing that buying those products has an incredible impact on these girls' lives.  Products like this bracelet are already on my wishlist for later:
Green Multistrand Bracelet
I also really, REALLY want this scarf!  The color is just so vibrant:

Purple Scarf
There is so much more information, as well as many more beautiful products, available on the Tiny Hands International website.  I'd encourage you to check them out!!

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