Friday, February 3, 2012

FTF - Sseko Designs

Alright, people, in honor of the unusually warm winter we've been having, I'm breaking out the sandals.  Namely, my Sseko sandals.  What are those, you ask?  Only the coolest shoes I've ever seen.  Not only are they completely customize-able, and re-mixable (I'm looking at you, Kendi), but their sales also help to fund a university education for young women in Uganda.  There's even a section on the website where you can read a short bio of the young ladies that helped to make the sandals.  Like I said, pretty awesome stuff!

Check these out!
The customize-able part of these shoes involves the straps.  You start with a hand-crafted leather base, and then choose whatever straps, available in pretty much any color imaginable, to make your sandals your own.  The straps I pictured above were actually a limited edition strap, as some designs are, but there are a ton more colors and patterns available on the website!  Any prospective brides out there, guess what? You can even order sandals with silk straps (in even more colors!) for you and your bridesmaids to wear in your wedding.

Be Mine Collection

Sseko actually just introduced a new collection this week, in honor of valentine's day, that includes the base sandals and three limited edition straps.  It's called the Be Mine collection, and I'm suffering some serious want for it!!  Maybe a certain hubby might need some nudging and hinting about what my gift should be this year?

Neon Lime Sandals
I'm also suffering some serious envy for these straps!  I mean, they're neon lime green!  What else really needs to be said?

Coral Spice Pleated Clutch
Now, if sandals just aren't your 'thang' (I solemnly swear to you now, I will never use that word again!), Sseko just introduced their pleated clutch.  There's currently two styles available, including the orange beauty pictured above.

And, just in case I haven't convinced you of the awesomeness of this company, you should take a moment to check out their photo gallery and Youtube channel to see the nearly infinite ideas for how to tie the straps.   Seriously, there's like, a million!

*Sseko's are available through the Sseko Designs website, as well as locally, at The Mustache in Fayetteville.*

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