Thursday, November 3, 2011

Outfit Post 11/3/11

So, I've decided to start doing outfit posts separate from my other ones, since my outfits don't really have anything to do with what I've written.  They're meant to show something else: the joy in getting dressed.  Too often, I'm consumed with thoughts about what I wear, whether it fits properly, whether it's up to date with current trends, what impression it might make on the world.  Fashion is not supposed to cause that much worry in a person!  Getting dressed, pulling together outfits, and finding clothes should be fun!

On that note, here's my outfit for today (actually I wore this last week, but here's the pictures):

What's that on the ground?
What's that in the apartment?

On the subject of having fun with clothes, let me tell you how much I love these jeans!  Are they super bright?  Yes!  Could they veer into emo kid territory?  Maybe, but I'm actually okay with that.  Does wearing them make me happy?  Yes, so what other reason do I need?

Outfit Details:
Sweater: thrifted, $4
Shirt: Eddie Bauer Outlet: $10
Jeans: JC Penney, $15
Shoes: Payless, $6 (old)
Jewelry: various mall stores, all old
Belt: stolen from my mom's closet

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  1. I can't believe those jeans were only $15!!! I've been looking for a great pair of affordable colored skinnies and have had no luck. I am also digging your striped flats, such a cute detail!